Picking up his first set of sticks at the age of 12 Si instantly fell in love with drumming and music.
Joining a marching band and then the army cadet band, Si quickly move on to a full kit but without proper guidance he soon lacked confidence and the frustration started to build. So Si stopped playing at the age of 16 until he was about 18 when his girlfriend at the time which he has since married pushed him to start playing again. It was then that Si started to attend a jam night in Corsham and was very lucky to meet what would be his drum mentor, David Walker. David gave Si the most valuable tips, advice and lessons he could ask for, plus giving Si’s confidence a huge boost and encouraging him to join bands. Bands with their hearts set on hitting the big time and playing Wembley and also stepping in and depping for others when needed. Si has been lucky enough to meet some smashing musicians.

So here he is, stuck with this bunch of rejects! And loving every minute. And being the country boy of the band Si is the only one that makes any sense. Somerset by accent, Somerset by heart.

P.s. what ever Adam says about the Wurzals it’s all lies. (He’s their number one fan)